Meet your Birth Sista

Rianna Bailey, Certifying Doula

I am Rianna! I am an Army veteran, now a Flight Attendant for a major airline. Although I have a fabulous job, I always knew that I was destined to do more. I have always wanted to be in the healthcare field and found myself on the path to become a Marriage and Family Counselor. After Years of trials and tribulations with my “traditional educational path”, I obtained my Bachelors of Science in Psychology. I Used the time in my “double” senior year to really figure out what I was most passionate about and how I could marry the fields of families, women’s health, mental health, and education into one and that’s when Coco Doula took shape and took over!

I am Currently a Maternal Support Practitioner Student at Bebo Mia

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I post different subjects my clients have asked about and my research about those on this blog, as well as any subjects I find an interest in!

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